How to Get the Right Pond Pumps


If you have a pond, you need a pond pump.  You, therefore, need to be very keen when buying one.  Submersible pond pump and the external pond pump are the two main types of pond pumps.  You can use the submersible pond pump in ponds whose water volumes are low.  For higher pond water capacities, the external solar powered fountain pump is suitable.  If specially designed, a submersible pond pump can be used in a larger pond.

 On aesthetics, external pond pumps don’t apply.  The reason is that they are used outside the pond’s water.  A submersible pump is best suited to work in water.  For this reason, you can choose the submersible pump if you are in need of beautification, or the external pump if you are looking for durability.

 One thing you ought to know when looking for a pond pump is its size.  The water feature dictates the kind of pump that you should use.  The size of your pond pump should be about the water volume.  If this is not the case, your pump might not work in the right way, therefore being a waste of money.

 The pond pump’s power source should also be dependent on the pond’s water volume.  In each hour, a suitable pond pump can pump half of the water volume of a pond.  For this reason, you should have the right measurements.   Energy required in larger ponds is more since the pumps pump higher volumes of water.  Gas and solar are hence suitable for supplying energy in such a case.  Electricity too is an option.  An oil-free magnetic pump at The Outdoor Pond could also be suitable as that you can avoid the poisoning of fish.  It is important to have a powerful pump that can circulate water through the whole system.  This will entail water supply to other crucial pond parts such as the waterfall or fountain.  Fountains and waterfalls are mostly used on larger ponds.  Fountains both aerate the pond, and makes the pump’s job easier.  It is hence important to add the feature on your pond, and have a pond pump that can handle it.

 It is essential to ensure that the pond pump you have will work harmoniously with the pond filter.  A filter is crucial in getting rid of waste that might make the pond pump not to do its tasks efficiently.  To avoid the problem of having a mismatch between the pond pump and the filter, you can get a pump and filter combination in the market. You may read further about pond pumps at


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